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Tandem 50-T, 60-T, 65-T (L-3)

50-TC, 50-TL
60-TF, 60-TL
65-TC (L-3J) 65-TAC (L-3E)
65-TF, 65-TAF (L-3D)
65-TL, 65-TAL
YO-58 (L-3)
O-58-A (L-3A) O-58B, SO-58B (L-3B & L-3C)


  • 2002 - Aeronca Tandem Windshield

    Windshield - 2002

    Item: Windshieldfor Make: Aeronca Item: Windshieldfor Make: AeroncaApproved for Models:50-TC, 50-TL60-TF65-TAC (Army L-3E)65-TAF (Army L-3D)65-TAL,65-TC (Army L-3J)65-TF, 65-TL,YO-58 (Army L-3)O-58, O-58A, O-58B, SO58B (ARMY L-3A, L-3B, L-3C) Replaces...

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